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 from applied expertise to execution


About Us

think.SRED is a collective of experts who are actively involved in a distinct segment of the Canadian marketplace; companies involved with innovation. Our team has confidently directed hundreds of Canadian companies while submitting more than $100 million in applications to the SR&ED Incentive Program. To ensure our clients receive the most value from their partnership with think.SRED, our leadership team is comprised of experienced software architects, legal experts, accountants and scientists who offer advisory services in these areas, broadening our value proposition to companies of all sizes.

think.SRED focus our efforts in the following core industry sectors: Software Development & Digital Technologies including AI, Machine Learning & Blockchain; along with Biotech & Cannabis, Cleantech & Food Manufacturing. Our strategic thinking and leadership in the midst of complex conditions has led to longstanding and trusted relationships. But what we’re most proud of is that the clients we’ve partnered with became more robust organizations after becoming aligned with our collective.

            “An Innovator's Mindset sees failure as feedback, not setback...

                                              Why? Because failure is simply an indicator of advancement.”

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to deliver our client experience with EASE. It’s what brought us together and it’s our unique approach to serving clients: Educate, Advise, Support & Execute. This spans four key areas, offering our clients a full end-to-end solution:


think.SRED offers complimentary conferences to any size group including in-depth discussions of both the legislation that governs the SR&ED program, case law that has set precedence and CRA’s eligibility of work for investment tax credit policy. We believe that an important part of partnership is applied wisdom. We want to help your team understand this complicated process in simple terms to ensure the process gets easier each year.


We’ve directed hundreds of SR&ED submissions and stay current with any changes to CRA’s guidance documents. We understand what CRA is looking for and how to satisfy the 5 questions they look to have answered. The small details that are often overlooked during submission and the joint review make the difference between a claim being accepted or denied. This is an integral part of the submission process.


Throughout our partnership your team will never deal with more than 3 people from our collective, each of them having specific expertise related to their purpose. In the event your submission is selected for a joint review, not only do we prepare you but we attend the meeting with you as your authorized representative. Our experience having joined over 100 clients during these reviews equips us with unique insights into exactly what CRA expects in order to approve a claim. 


In order for there to be precision throughout the process there needs to be a clear understanding of each person’s role and the position we’re putting forth in the submission. This requires a high degree of leadership, applied wisdom and communication; the three pillars of think.SRED's strategic approach to execution.

Our Process


The think.SRED collective pulls from the very best to build industry-specific teams for our clients. Our technologists specialize in identifying work that meets the eligibility criteria and CRA's 5 questions, while our financial leads have expertise in complicated tax matters and remain current on all program updates. We handle all the heavy lifting, keeping your team's contribution of time to an absolute minimum.

Our commitment to strategic advisory and support led to the creation of our Real-Time Evidence Collection (R-TEC) process. This allows us to follow your projects as they develop with a focus on proper documentation, ensuring program compliance. 

In the event your submission is selected to be reviewed by CRA it is critical that your team is fully prepared. Small discrepancies in explanations and in vocabulary can make all the difference. It is our mandate to not only prepare your team leading up to the meeting but to attend the review with you as your authorized representative and counsel to ensure the best possible results are achieved. This is all inclusive in our service to you, with no extra cost. 


Rummage Meeting: Have you even been to a rummage sale, or maybe you've called it a yard sale? If so, you know that it's not often that you have anything in particular in mind while at these, other than a good deal. Our Rummage Meeting takes this same approach, because we don't necessarily know what we're going find. But just in the same way you won't miss a good deal, we won't miss eligible work; even if it's not brought to our attention. Our strategic questioning will bring all this to the surface.  

Abstract Meeting: Now that we have found our focus, we can begin to separate the eligible work from the ineligible.  It is during this meeting that our technologists gather all the information needed to complete the technical elements of the submission. 

Costing Preparation: Our financial leads are all CPA's with a long history in taxation. While our technologists are working on the technical reports, a dedicated financial lead will coordinate and gather the required financial information from your organization. Once these steps have been completed, we're ready to submit. 

Alibi: So, you're confused about exactly what CRA expects from you with regards to documentation. What to track; and what's the most effective way of tracking it when you do manage to jot something down? Understandable, you and almost everyone else have these questions. CRA's requirements for documentation are stated with purpose and are designed to assist them identify whether or not a systematic investigation took place; plus, properly documented work ensures the resultant knowledge stays within your company in the event individuals should part from your organization. "Was a record of the hypothesis tested, and the results kept as the work progressed?", is the question they look to answer during a review; and the answer must be Yes. If this is concern for you, you can rest easy; we have your solution! think.SRED has developed a highly intuitive proprietary SR&ED tracking system we call Alibi. Finally there is an industry-agnostic way of ensuring compliance that offers our clients a reliable method of capturing activity contemporaneously; and when you try it, you'll see it couldn't be any simpler.  

CRA Joint Review: In the event that your submission is selected to be reviewed by CRA we not only prepare you for the review, we attend the review with you as your authorized representative and counsel. This will ensure you're supported at all times. The documentation that Alibi has captured throughout the year will prove to be invaluable at this point. 


In order to maintain full transparency with our clients, we keep our fee structure very simple; we are only compensated on the benefit our clients receive; and only once they’re notified of the approval by CRA. This ensures we provide insightful advice throughout the exercise and are confident in our recommendations at all times. There are no up-front or hidden fees, even in the event your submission undergoes a review from CRA; this support is a critical component of our service. Our clients' satisfaction is the benchmark for our success.

       "Our clients are daring and creative thinkers, trailblazers in their own field... 

                          It’s why we take such great pride in bringing value to their organizations"

Our SR&ED Experts can help innovative companies like yours recover R&D related expenses.

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