MCR Industries

"I would like you to know that prior to our meetings with John-Paul, I had all but given up on these claims. I am not sure if you ever get a chance to see him in action, but I can tell you he is amazing at his job. As you are aware, he has a very positive and dynamic personality and he was able to help me gain confidence in our claim, and in myself. He provided the path for us to follow and coached us on the strengths and weakness of our case. I was finding this review process quite intimidating, and he was able to work me through most of my anxieties, from there we were able to deliver a solid account of the projects. The reviewer we had proved to be a bit awkward and John Paul was able to help me "handle" him and I gained more confidence as the meeting progressed. I found the experience very positive, and the knowledge that I gained working with John-Paul will help me with future claims." 

Dennis Risk
President & Board Member, MCR Industries